Friday, 21 June 2013

Koko at Crown

Last month one of my best friend's A celebrated her 21st birthday! This is the year where most of my peers are turning the big two-one. Although I'd been to several 21sts before this, A was the first of my close friends so I was particularly excited. 

She held a nice and intimate birthday dinner at Koko in Crown. The interior of the restaurant is gorgeous and I love the ambience. Cake from Michel's Patisserie :)

Assorted fresh sashimi and sushi

Assorted tempura - prawn, fish and vegetables served with dashi and soy dipping sauce

Kaisen yaki udon - stir-fried udon noodles with prawns, scallop, fish cake, calamari and seasonal vegetables

Patagonian toothfish shioyaki - grilled toothfish with sea salt flakes

Kamo Kuwayaki - pan-seared sliced duck breast and spring onion with sweet soy sauce

We had prime views of the fire displays that go off on the hour

Random but cute pond display in the middle of the restaurant

Crown Atrium ceiling

Group polaroids

My FOTD on the night - dyed my hair darker two days ago :( Gonna miss my lighter hair!

Had a lovely evening and the food at Koko was delectable. It's always a nice feeling to dine somewhere special for an occasion. The waiters were very attentive as well and I certainly had no complaints. We finished off the evening with a few drinks at Joomak and some amusing birthday speeches! Thank you to A for a memorable night - hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did!

Koko on Urbanspoon

Photo credits to L, J and yours truly.


  1. The sushi/sashimi boat looks absolutely delicious! Hope your friend had an amazing birthday. We gotta catch up again for more delicious food, hehe. Take care. Xx

  2. that alll looks so delicious!
    i love michel's patisserie cakes - yum!!

    cute polaroid photos too!

  3. looked like a lovely celebration! happy birthday to your friend ^^ the food looks delicious~~ :D awww, i wanna see what your hair looks like now ! im not ready to leave my lighter hair yet T__T

  4. Great photos! Looks like you had so much fun! I love all the foods especially the sashimi! Hihi. :D Happy birthday to your friend. :) You looks so lovely and pretty still Ms. Sue! :)

  5. Wow, the food looks SO GOOD. Happy birthday to your friend! C: (That pond is gorgeous, haha~)

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  6. Happy belated birthday to your friend~~ I have been to KoKo for dinner before and I really liked the food. The cocktails there are really nice too.