Friday, 26 October 2012

Chin Chin's Round 2

It was my friend R's birthday a few weeks ago so we went out to Chin Chin to celebrate. I was excited as I had been meaning to return to try out more of the amazing menu since my first visit here. This time we were seated downstairs at a little booth which was nice as it was much less crowded and noisy than upstairs.

L-R: Me, E, L, birthday girl, A

We ordered the perfect amount of dishes for 5 of us and were left feeling absolutely bloated but completely satisfied. We started off with a small serving of the wok fried salt and pepper squid with nuoc cham and vietnamese mint ($14.00).

We moved onto crispy barramundi and green apple salad, with caramelised pork, peanuts, chilli and lemongrass ($27.00). I have never eaten a dish with apple in it before so this was an interesting combination of sweet, sour and salty! Sounds crazy but the tastes fused together to create something very pleasant.

The good thing about eating with other people is that you try things that you otherwise mightn't order. I had no idea what to expect with this grilled tumeric marinated rockling with green mango salad, toasted coconut and tamarind dressing - a new addition to the menu apparently ($29.00). I still don't really know what I ate but it tasted good!

This dry red curry of soft shell crab with snakebeans, thai basil and kaffir lime leaf ($31.00) was amazing. Again, another dish I probably would have overlooked myself but wow this was probably my favourite. So delicious!

And of course we had to order the classic pad thai noodles with king prawn, peanuts, dried shrimp and cucumber ($27.00). I had this the first time I came to Chin Chin as well so I already knew it was good.

Special mention to L for being our server for the lunch with her pro skills haha.

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After lunch the others still had room for dessert. This was the day I first started developing a cold (sounded like a man on the day - verified by E when she got a shock after answering her phone...) so I wasn't feeling my best. Anyway after a quick Urbanspoon check up, we ended up at Roule Galette on Flinders Lane - a cosy little French cafe.
L-R: Me, E, L

I just ordered an orange juice for extra vitamin C whilst the others got iced drinks and crepes which looks delicious but I absolutely could not fit anything else in.

Roule Galette on Urbanspoon

Overall it was a lovely, relaxing Sunday spent with some of my favourite girls! Writing this has made me crave Chin Chin's all over again. I recommend going with a group of 4-5 people so that way you can try a variety of dishes without the pressure of an excessively large bill. Also it means you get a separate table to yourself rather than squished amongst randoms upstairs!


  1. Great, yet delicious post Sue! I've been meaning to visit Chin Chin for a while after my first visit as well. Definitely craving it again. The soft shell crab dish looks so good, and I was having those same thoughts thinking I'd probably overlook that dish as well. And those crepes look mouthwatering.. You're easing my tastebuds :oP

  2. Oh my, everything looks so delicious! & the crepes look heavenly~ Come to think of it, I haven't had a good crepe or any crepe at all for the longest time T.T Time to hit up Yelp!

    Have a great weekend~


  3. Just looking at the food makes me hungry ><.
    Everything looks so good, esp the crepes, considering I'm not a desert person:x.

    Seems like you enjoyed yourself?

  4. How cute are you Suey Patootie O3O
    Oh man, I haven't had salt and pepper squid in ages, yay to your Vietnamese LOL hehe it looks so yummy ;__; I can imagine the crunch BAH
    I've never had an apple salad but it sure sounds refreshing, especially with barramundi, you fancy people and your dishes LOL I see crunchy bits, I like crunchy bits :3
    FINALLY YOU HAD GREEN MANGO SALAD, ISN'T IT THE BEST. You need to find an authentic Thai/Cambodian/Malaysian place and experience the real thing, its just perfect.
    Wait... curry.... SOFT SHELL CRAB?! IS THIS HEAVEN? It looks like beed rendang but I can imagine how gorgeous it is ;__; Why Sue, why do you eat all the things I want to. I'm quite sick of padthai unfortunately, but I do like trying different versions at various restaurants.
    o0o0o sweet drinks, I would've gotten an OJ too, high five o/ Wow, those desserts look like the dessert gods regurgitated out their insides because its so generous and moreish *__*
    I'm really glad you had a great time and with great company :)

  5. Looks like such a fun weekend, I like the dessert pics!

  6. I've never been to Chin Chin! I love Roule Galette though, the atmosphere and the crepes, the people are there so chill too!

  7. the food looks super delish!! lolz on not knowing what you eating but tastes good! I am always like that especially to foreign dishes such as thai cuisine I don't know what the hell am I munching but as long as it goods that I have no further questions..lolz ^_~

  8. ooo i've read good things about chin chin! been stalking melb and syds urbanspoon hahaha. will have to check it out!